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Even if you’re protected with antivirus and cyber security software and you are avoiding clicking on certain links, it is not impossible to get phished in this highly technical computer age. Use multi-factor authentication on your money accounts, maintain strong passwords, and back up your data.

How to prevent spear phishing for ransomware.

Cyber predators are throwing invisible nets on the Web, just like as fishermen do to catch fishes. They call it phishing because it doesn’t target specifically one, but random targets in order to break into their computers and use them as a clone computer. You know however that in whale hunt, one needs strong spears. So if somewhere you have had heard about the cyber security term ‘spear phishing’ but you didn’t know what it means, I think you have just arrived to the right place! Lucky you!
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Social engineering and ransomware

Natural curiosity is in the human nature and spear phishing, as every other method of social engineering, takes the degrees of excitement, confusion, curiosity or panic, to its advantage. Targets of spear phishing are usually office workers in specific targeted positions inside a business, although anybody could be a target of social engineering. Scam artists try to steal data by many different ways. Penetrators with good communicative interpersonal skills are truly creative and very talkative in order to confuse targets by email, phone, or even in person and get crucial information under their nose. If you came on this page because you already are a victim of Identity theft, then you better immediately inform the FTC. https://www.usa.gov/federal-agencies/federal-trade-commission

Enterprises would avoid sharing of paid a ransom news, since this exposes their vulnerabilities. It shows that they have insufficient backup for the recovery processes so their internal control cannot alter the impact of ransomware in their systems. This causes loss of reputation, clients, and revenue as well as other collateral damages. According to Sophos Naked Security blog the majority of malware websites are compromised legitimate websites.

Sometimes reporting ransom ware attack details is unavoidable. According to Juniper Research the cost of online data breaches is already expected to reach $2.1 trillion by 2019. With all wealth stored digitally, the potential risk and impact of cybercrime increases. Hacking or identity theft could destroy people’s entire life savings. There are a lot of different techniques for social engineering in order to steal your passwords. Many banks and large credit card companies have had their systems invaded over the past years and billions of people have been put at risk.

So if large companies are vulnerable to intruders, then why isn’t your personal computer? But would they attack a small fish, like you? Don’t let this happen to you or your friends.
Well, many people believe that cyber criminals only hack into rich people. But there is always money to be made by Identity theft and stealing of your financial and personal information. It is happening to people like you and I every single day. A simple reason is that everywhere, status plays an important role. Of course big perpetrators hack only into big financial corporations and then we watch what happened at the movies, but a learning wizard could start from the poor guy in order to obtain some experience. This is a way to gain higher status in the computer hacker community. So everyone must have a computer security plan with a robust firewall, reliable anti-virus software and a malware defense. Anti-virus software provides security and protection which could stop almost anything that accidentally passed your firewall, but not 100%.

The scariest attacks are privacy intrusion virus spyware which gather e-mail addresses, passwords and even credit card numbers. Malware programs update every day. It is imperative that you have a cyber security program on top of your antivirus that could actually prevent the latest phishing attacks.

Please read cyber security tips in order to avoid being a potential victim and get some good idea about cyber defense and prevention. I know it’s boring. Don’t tell me…but we need it. Imagine what would have been happened if you had learn what spear phishing means, the bad way. You are lucky that you came here first! But you are not protected yet.
Don’t worry! You are on the right place to prevent hacking of your pc, Mac, mobile, or your professional computer network and get the best protection available on cyberspace, with just a few clicks.

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Proactive – blocks cyber threats before they reach your PC
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Blocks these connections that attempt to use vulnerabilities in your software to infiltrate your PC
Keeps your security-critical software up to date automatically and silently (no interruptions or prompts)
Analyzes patterns in your Internet traffic to detect and block malicious connections which attempt to compromise your PC and data
Stops Zero Day malware, ransomware, exploit kits and fileless malware based on their point of origin and distribution – the cyber criminal infrastructure (servers and websites).

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